Why us

Many corporations are have taken the journey to duplicate the success of M-PESA. Deployment of a mobile money service is like a jigsaw comprising Agency Recruitment, management and Reporting, Banking Reconciliation, sales and liquidity management, customer and agency care. A team of experts put together this jigsaw and came up with the magic of M-PESA. Red Ant International was part of this team and this is the level of expertise and know how we bring to your company.

Deployment of a mobile payment system requires a lot of input in order to launch a successful service. We are the only team that has well trained and experienced experts with over 13 years in mobile payments deployment across Africa. Our teams capability to analyze different markets and find different methodologies and processes to deploy a service successfully is quite undisputed. We bring a wealth of experience, know-how to your company. We deploy payment systems end to end. You will not need extra contractors.